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AccVantage is a real-time web business application that allows your entire company, be it the sales department,
the purchasing department, the warehouse, the accounts department or the marketing department to share and access information stored in a centralized database. This enables your entire company to become more efficient
and productive as information is now just a few mouse clicks away. Information is power and using AccVantage
gives you this power!

Who can benefit from using AccVantage?

SME’s in industries such as trading, light manufacturing, service, construction, retail and bookkeepers will readily experience the benefits of using AccVantage. Our value proposition is that we give you a robust system with rich features while ‘KEEPING IT SIMPLE’.

  1. Chart of Account Maintenance - supports 15 characters in alpha-numeric codes and descriptions of up to 100 characters. In the opening balance settings, accounts can be maintained in multi-currencies. There is no need for tagging the reporting group at this stage for your financial reports as we have built- in a powerful report writer where you can easily create your own.
  2. Journal Voucher Entry – AccVantage allows you to pass audit journals or month-end journals with ease. GST features have also been incorporated in our latest update. The recurring journal feature will also be included in upcoming releases.
  3. Revenue / Cost Centre and Branch – AccVantage allows you to create your own revenue and cost centres.  You can create up to 4 revenue and cost centres in the system. There is also a table for you to create branch codes. By having revenue and cost centres, you can easily segregate expenses into say, Division, Department, Team and Employee. And if need be, tag it to whichever branch these expenses are for. By doing so, you can then run your profit & loss statement with filters for the 4 revenue and cost centres as well as further filtering them by branch.
  4. Auto-Numbering Feature – You can set unlimited auto numbering sequence for each document type. For example, you may like to create 3 different sets of sales quotation numbering sequence for 3 different salesmen. The maximum number of characters is 20 and it includes prefix and suffix.
  5. Maintaining Stock Ending Value - In this latest version, our system now uses perpetual method for calculating Cost of Goods Sold. By doing so, companies can now have multiple COGS reporting in their profit & loss statement. You will not be able to achieve this using the periodic method.
  6. Trade Documents Revaluation- Our latest version allows you to revalue your foreign currencies documents as often as you like. Simply enter the exchange rate for all your foreign currency type and leave the rest to the system to calculate and post to the respective GL codes.
  7. Goods & Services Tax Handling – Conforms to IRAS requirements. Print all GST type schedules including GST F5 form. New version handles GST tourist refund.
  8. Multiple Currency Transactions – AccVantage supports unlimited multi-currencies. All exchange gain/loss is calculated automatically after offsetting trade documents from either the payment supplier or receipt from customer modules. It will also take into consideration those previously revalued outstanding documents and adjust from the unrealized gain/loss balance sheet item.