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Email Marketing Campaign

AccVantage Web Suite is not just a system to enter all your trade documents and vouchers into or simply an ecommerce site, it can be a powerful marketing tool as well, enabling you to keep in touch with your existing customers via members’ newsletters or online promotions.

With all your customers’ in the database, we want to give you a platform and software features to help you perform email marketing.

Marketing is not just about getting your existing or potential customers to buy your product. It is also about your brand and corporate image. It is about who knows you. Imagine if someone wants to purchase a product that your company also offers, would your company be the first one they think about? So with email marketing, it helps to ‘stamp’ your company’s logo and image in the email recipients’ mind.

AccVantage Web Suite adds value to your company apart from helping your company save money by sitting on a Cloud platform.