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For companies who do not have a Payroll system or are looking to upgrade, AccVantage® is now integrated with SMEPAYROLL.

And if you are happy with your current payroll system, talk to our consultants to see how we can integrate it into our ERP System to make your software transition a breeze.

SMEPAYROL is a locally developed software that is comprehensive and fully compliant with local laws and policies. It provides a useful interface with relevant agencies like CPF, IRAS and banks to make your monthly transactions more efficient. This complete Payroll Solution comes with the following modules:

Employee Module comprises of employee information as well as employee groups information. Comprehensive information for every employee can be stored and managed in the system. Unlimited employee details, department, section & category settings can be created. Employees’ photo, personal particulars like address, emergency contact details, foreign address and bank account details can also be added.

Leave Module covers employees’ Leave Management - leave application, leave approval / rejection, leave status monitoring, managing national holidays, manage leave types, transfer leave, assign leave to Leave Groups, etc.

Claims Module covers employees’ Claims Management - claim application, attaching supporting documents for the claims, claims approval / rejection, monitoring claims status, creating claim types, etc.

Payroll Module covers Payroll Additions, Payroll Deduction, Payroll Overtime Computation, Payroll computation and submission for approval, Payroll approval, Payroll Generation, Payroll printing or emailing pay slip, etc.

Reports Module CPF (Central provident Fund contribution), AMCS (Additional Medisave contribution scheme), BANK GIRO (Bank transfer), IRAS (IR8A, Appendix A, Appendix B) file creation, Static as well as custom reports.

Admin Module comprises of company management (preferences, company GIRO, Email templates / Setup, Users management), System wide rights management, lookups management (Departments, designations, trade, education, religion, race, etc.) Assignment Management, etc.

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