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Online accounting software that will save you money

AccVantage's online software can help you reduce costs and boost productivity. Our accounting software will allow you to use one system that meets all the needs of your business. It is a powerful accounting software system that is a central point for you to input trade documents including sales quotations, sales orders, sales delivery orders and sales invoices, keep track of inventory balances and costs and instantly access cash and bank balances. If your business has been experiencing a high turnover of accountants, this accounting software system will help staff make their workload more manageable. It is also accessible from anywhere, making it perfect for businesses with multiple locations. AccVantage will happily take over the accounting needs of your business. We will provide your business with a fully integrated web based ERP financial system, an E-Commerce site with a shopping cart, live chat support that allows you to monitor who is surfing your website and initiate chat with your customers or provide online support, accounting services provided by CPA and web based HRM and payroll software. Our financial accounting system has helped dozens of businesses increase productivity and provide their clients with a more streamlined service.



Who can benefit from this proposal?
Any companies that:

  • currently do not have a proper system to enter your trade documents  such as sales quotation, sales order, sales delivery orders, sales invoice;
  • currently not able to keep track of their inventory balances and costing;
  • currently not able to keep tab on your cash and bank balances;
  • are currently experiencing high turnover for accountants;
  • needs multi location warehouse control and so on..

Outsource your accounting job to us and we will provide your company with:

  • A fully integrated web base ERP Financial system.
  • E-Commerce site with full shopping cart template
  • Live Chat support. Know who is surfing your website and initiate chat with customer,   or provide online support for online customer
  • Accounting services provided by CPA.
  • Web base HRM & Payroll software for 25 headcounts

(For information on pricing, please call us at (+65) 6333 1108.

Below is just a sample cost comparison.

    Cost(1st year)     Cost(2nd year)     Cost(3rd year)
1) Accountant ($3000x12) $36,000.00 $36,000.00 $36,000.00
2) Develop Ecommerce site $7,000.00 - -
     Maintaing Ecommerce site - $2,500.00 $2,500.00
3) ERP Accounting system
$25,000.00 - -
     Yearly Maintenance - $3,750.00 $3,750.00
4) Server Hardware & DB Software $9,000.00 - -
5) I.T. Support staff ($2000x12) $24,000.00 $24,000.00 $24,000.00
TOTAL $101,000.00 $66,250.00 $66,250.00
Cost for 3 years = $233,500.00
Our one-stop Saas solution - 1st year implementation =  $2,500.00
$1200 p/mth x 36 mths =  $43,200.00
Cost for 3 years = $45,700.00
$45,700.00/$233,500.00 = 80% reduction in cost savings !