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Having a web store is a must-have feature in today’s business arena. Reaching out to potential customers with an online shopping site is a must or you will lose out to the rest of the competition. However, setting up an online shopping site is never easy or cheap. AccVantage offers you the solution by developing a simple web suite that is not only easy to use, easy to setup but also value for money.

AccVantage web store is included when you sign up for our web suite which comprises of Accounting, ERP, Ecommerce, Live Chat and email marketing campaign. The web store is fully integrated with our inventory module where you simply check on the stock items you would like to be published on your web store.

There, your online customer can make use of the shopping cart to place orders and perform checkouts as well. What’s more, this suite also includes online chat support. Either your own operator can initiate a chat with your online customers or your operator can support questions posted by online customers. Impress your potential customers with such proactive, first-class service! With all these features, you will be able to build up a favorable corporate image and win over many customers.